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Pen needle

Pen Needle


  • Generic name:
    Injection Pen Needle
  • Specification:

    0.30×6mm/30G ETW(Extra thin wall)                                     

    0.30×8mm/30G ETW(Extra thin wall)                                   

    0.25×6mm/31G ETW(Extra thin wall)                                 

    0.25×8mm/31G ETW(Extra thin wall)                                  

    0.23×4mm/32G RW  (Regular wall)                                       

    0.23×4mm/32G ETW(Extra thin wall)

    0.20×4mm/33G ETW(Extra thin wall)

    0.20×4.5mm/33G ETW(Extra thin wall)

  • GanleeFine is a disposable sterile injection device used in conjunction with most of commercially available injection pens for subcutaneous injection of drugs (insulin, liraglutide and recombinant human growth hormone*). GanleeFine is designed with ultra-thin wall of needle tube to reduce injection pain; it covers 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm to meet the injection needs of patients with different body sizes.
Product Information


Superior Materials
  • 304 austenite stainless steel
    18% chromium + 8% nickel in steel
  • Good toughness, high plasticity
    Commonly used in industry, home decoration, food and dairy
  • Not easy to break
    Often used to make raw materials for medical devices
  • No worries about broken needles
    The best raw material for making needles
Top-level Equipment
  • German high-speed electric injection molding machine
  • Italian full-automatic assembling machine
  • Swiss mould
  • American meteorological chromatograph
  • Full-automatic image measuring instrument
  • 100,000 class cleanroom
Advanced Technology

Product Qualification
  • EU CE certification
  • ISO13485 certification
  • NMPA medical device registration certificate
  • U.S. FDA premarket notification 510 (k) code: K192464

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