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Insulin pen

Insulin Pen


  • Generic name:
    Insulin Delivery Device
  • Specification:
  • GanleePen should be used with 3 mL insulin penfill produced by Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals. Adjusting the dose knob allows 1-60 units (U) of insulin to be administered. The minimum scale of the pen is accurate to 1 unit (U), which can meet the needs of diabetic patients for daily injection.
Product Information
  • Manual injection
  • Reusable
  • Multiple injections
  • Controllable dose

  • User-friendly design

    GanleePen looks like a pen in exquisite and easy for patients to learn how to use,

  • Big dose window

    Large dose window enables patients to read easily, clearly and accurately.

  • Precise dose

    GanleePen's minimum dose is accurate to 1 unit, and 1-60 U dose range is available in every single injection.

  • Clear reminder for dose adjustment

    GanleePen will make a clear "Da Da" sound and slight sense of touch during dose adjustment and injection.

  • High-quality and reusable material

    GanleePen is made of durable materials and it can be used repeatedly.

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