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Diabetes risk test

  • 1How old are you?

  • 2Your gender is

  • 3If you are a woman, did you have gestational diabetes during your pregnancy?

  • 4Do any of your parents or siblings have diabetes?

  • 5Do you have high blood pressure?

  • 6Do you exercise regularly?

  • 7What is your body mass index (BMI)?

Item Inspection Frequency Indicator/ Meaning
Glycated hemoglobin Monitor fasting or postprandial blood glucose at least twice a week Fasting: 4.4-7.0 Non-fasting: <10.0
Blood pressure ◆At the beginning of drug administration: monitored every three months ◆After reaching the standard: every six months Most patients The reasonable control goal is <7%
Blood pressure At least once per week ◆Target value<130/80
Blood lipids ◆Normal lipid profile: annual lipid testing ◆Abnormal lipids: every 3-12 months ◆LDL-C: <2.6 ◆With ASCVD: <1.8
Kidney function Ophthalmic examination Urine protein/creatinine ratio and eGFR assessment at least once a year Diabetic nephropathy may be present at diagnosis in patients with type 2 diabetes
Ophthalmic examination At least every 1-2 years for those without retinopathy Managing blood glucose, blood pressure and lipids can delay the onset of retinopathy.
Foot Examination Annual comprehensive foot examination for all diabetic patients The incidence of new foot ulcers within 1 year in patients over 50 years of age was 8.1%
ASCVD: i.e. atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, stroke, transient cerebral hypoxic attack, and peripheral atherosclerotic disease.

BMI calculator

BMI, also known as body mass index, is commonly used internationally to be an indicator of high body fatness.

Enter your height and weight in the calculation tools below to calculate your body BMI.

BMI= weight (kg) / height (m) ²

  • cm
  • kg

Calculation result:

  • Your BMI is29
  • WeightObese
  • Suggest:You will need to lose weight, please consult a professional doctor or nutritionist to get a weight loss program.
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