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From September 2021 to the present, Gan & Lee has collaborated with China Association of Health Promotion and Education, Diabetes Education and Management Group of the Chinese Diabetes Society, and Beijing Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Association to organize a micro-video panorama called "Xiulin Storytelling". The aim of this event is to make contributions to achieving the vision of "Healthy China 2030" and "Access to Diabetes Care" as a theme of World Diabetes Day.


The "Xiulin Storytelling" initiative aims to motivate people with diabetes to share their personal experience of fighting the disease in the videos. One of the attendees said, "I value this platform a lot, and I hope to empower more individuals by sharing real-life stories of myself who have fought with diabetes for many years.


To inspire and encourage individuals to remain positive and optimistic in their fight against diabetes, here we share three stories of diabetic patients who have successfully managed their condition. Together, we can fight diabetes!

Diabetes - The "Sweet" Burden of Youth

In modern times, an increasing number of young individuals tend to work excessively, stay up late, adopt a sedentary lifestyle, and consume copious amounts of food, resulting in a perpetual state of subpar health and an increased likelihood of developing diabetes during early adulthood.


Ms. Qin is one of the young individuals who has had diabetes for more than 10 years. She not only regularly takes medication under her doctor’s guidance but also pays careful attention to her diet and exercise. Her daily breakfast typically consists of a small steamed bun, an egg, and a carton of milk. At lunch, she consumes fewer carbohydrates, more green leafy vegetables, and a small amount of fruit. She usually goes for a 30 to 60-minute walk without performing strenuous exercise after dinner. Ms. Qin recommends that individuals with diabetes select appropriate exercises tailored to their specific needs to regulate their blood sugar levels more effectively.


Don't be intimidated by diabetes, it's possible to maintain stable blood sugar levels with proper medication use and a healthy lifestyle. She hopes that more young individuals adopt healthy habits and prioritize managing their health, so they don't have to carry the weight of diabetes as a burdensome aspect of their youth.

A Windfall on The Road to Anti-Diabetes


In 2004, Ms. Gao received the disheartening news that she had high blood sugar and later was diagnosed with diabetes. According to Ms. Gao's self-report, she was very depressed when she first received the diagnosis result, but with the encouragement of the doctor, she began to actively fight against diabetes.


After getting out of the hospital, Ms. Gao followed the principle of eating less but eating frequently, planned her diet reasonably, and walked for an hour after waiting for half an hour after eating three meals every day. With the combination of these lifestyle changes and proper medication, she was able to successfully maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Ms. Gao's experience has provided her with valuable knowledge about managing blood sugar levels, which she generously shares with other people living with diabetes. Her uplifting message of hope and encouragement emphasizes that diabetes can be managed with a positive outlook, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and following prescribed medication. Her story serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that a diabetes diagnosis does not need to be intimidating and that with the right mindset and lifestyle choices, it is possible to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Mother-in-law Fights Diabetes, The Entire Family Go into Battle


Xiaojie's mother-in-law has been living with diabetes for over a decade. She first discovered her condition while working in the fields when she started experiencing discomfort and significant weight loss. She went to the county for an examination, and the doctor said that she was diagnosed with diabetes. The condition was serious, and her blood sugar had exceeded 19 mmol/L.


At that time, there was little education about diabetes, and people didn't know much about it. Xiaojie's mother-in-law was deeply saddened by the news and remained depressed for more than six months.


Fortunately, with the unwavering support and company of her family, Xiaojie's mother-in-law gradually became positive. She realized that by following her doctor's recommendations, taking her medication on time, eating fruits in moderation, and maintaining a healthy diet, managing her blood sugar levels was not as difficult as she initially thought.

The mother-in-law often told the neighbors that the family atmosphere was very good, and her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson all paid special attention to her condition. She usually forgot to take insulin, her son and daughter-in-law reminded her every day, and even her little grandson reminded her to take insulin before every meal. Even if her son came back from work at ten o'clock at night, he still rubbed her legs to help promote blood flow in the legs. Later, the little grandson also learned to use his little hands to rub his grandmother's legs.


Although Xiaojie's mother-in-law was never particularly active as a child, her health condition now requires her to get more exercise. Xiaojie initially encouraged her mother-in-law to take a daily walk downstairs, and now it has become a regular habit. With the added activity of hanging out with her grandchildren, she is able to walk several miles each day and typically exceeds 10,000 steps. As a result, her blood glucose levels are stable, and she has avoided any complications associated with her condition. She is quite content and happy, and her blood glucose control continues to improve.

Diabetes management requires a holistic approach encompassing nutrition, exercise, medication, monitoring blood glucose, and scientific education. However, Xiaojie's mother-in-law's story highlights the importance of family support and companionship in empowering patients to effectively combat the disease.

As a chronic disease, diabetes requires not only the guidance of healthcare professionals but also the understanding and support of patients' families in terms of treatment. Patients should actively collaborate with doctors, raise their awareness of disease management, and acquire more knowledge of the disease.


At Gan & Lee, we are dedicated to disseminating knowledge about diabetes to help people with diabetes better control their blood sugar and eventually improve their quality of life. Do you have any anti-diabetes stories? We welcome you to submit your experience in managing diabetes below. Let's collaborate to help more people with diabetes.

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