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This website is for Chinese resident only.

This website is provided by Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals" or "we"). In view of the characteristics of the internet, this website will inevitably interact with you directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is hereby stated that between you and this website how we collect, use, share, store and protect your personal information and how you can manage your personal information. Please read carefully.

  • This Privacy Policy will help you understand the following:

    1. How we collect and use your information

    2. How we use cookies and similar technologies

    3. How we share and publicly disclose your information

    4. How we protect your information

    5. How we store your information

    6. Your rights

    7. How we handle the information of minors

    8. How to update this policy

    9. How do you contact us

    10. Governing law and dispute resolution


    1. How we collect and use your information

    1) When you use this website, with your consent and confirmation, this website will ask you to provide some personal information by filling in forms. These personal data include:

    ①       Name;

    ②       Phone number;

    ③       E-mail address;

    ④       Country/region of residence;

    ⑤       Address;

    ⑥       Occupation (for example, if you are a healthcare professional and would like to know information about our products);

    ⑦       Other personal information you choose to provide us, such as web page messages, etc.

    2) When you use this website, this website will use your personal information with your consent and confirmation. This personal information includes:

    Your IP address: We will collect and identify your IP address. If your IP address is identified as being located in the mainland of the People's Republic of China (specifically, the areas of the People's Republic of China other than Hong Kong, Macau Special Administrative Region and Taiwan), you will stay on the Gan & Lee CN site: www.ganleediabetes.cn; if your IP address is identified as being located in a city outside the mainland of the People's Republic of China, you will be directed to jump to the Gan & Lee EN site: www.ganleediabetes.com.


    3) This website only constitutes a reasonable use of your personal data collected if one of the following conditions is met:

    ①Your personal consent has been obtained;

    ②To avoid imminent danger to your life, health or property;

    ③To prevent major harm to the interests of others;

    ④ Out of the need of public interest;


    Third-party companies may collect your browsing behavior or data on this website. The data collection and use of third-party companies shall comply with the relevant national laws and regulations, as well as the third-party and user privacy and data protection regulations, but the privacy statement and website statement of this website do not constitute the content and authenticity of the third-party website and any commitment to the relevant personal information protection system. We do not assume any legal responsibility for any adverse consequences for your personal and property caused by visiting this website.


    2. How we use cookies and similar technologies

    Cookies refers to a technology. When users use this website with a cookie device, the server of this website will automatically send cookies to your browser and store them on your computer's hard drive. This cookie is responsible for recording various activities, personal data, browsing habits, consumption habits and even credit history of your visit to this website in the future.


    Using cookies technology, this website can provide you with more thoughtful and personalized services. This website will use cookies to track your browsing habits and other preferences, so as to provide you with information of interest or store passwords, so that you do not have to re-enter your passwords every time you visit this website.


    3. How we share and publicly disclose your information

    1) Sharing: We share your IP address with our partner Baidu Statistics for statistical analysis of background traffic. Please note that such IP addresses can be accurate to specific individuals.

    ① Device information

    Such as end user's hardware model, operating system version, device configuration, unique device identifier, IMEI, SIM card information IMSI, iOS system advertising identifier (IDFA), Android system advertising identifier (OAID), Android Id, device Mac address), device location information (from GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi signals), and device status information (such as device app install list)

    ② Log information

    Requests made by end users when accessing Baidu Statistics, such as hardware device information, the version of the operating system of the terminal device, the date, time, and duration of the end user's access to the service.

    ③ Location information

    End User's Device Location Information

    ④ Application list information

    Application listing information in the end user device.

    ⑤ Other information

    The statistical analysis service will collect the following information according to different statistical dimensions: SDK/API/JS code version, browser type, Internet service provider, IP address, timestamp, application identifier, application version, application distribution channel, device display Screen height/width, screen resolution, terminal manufacturer, time zone and network status (WiFi, etc.) telecom operator. In addition to the foregoing information, we may also collect other information about end users that is reasonably necessary to provide services and improve service quality, including relevant information provided by end users when they contact our customer service team, and when end users participate in questionnaires Questionnaire response information sent by us.


    In order to ensure the realization of relevant functions of this website and the safe and stable operation of applications, we may access SDKs provided by third parties to achieve related purposes. The specific access to relevant third-party SDKs is listed as follows:

    Third-party SDK name

    Purpose of usage

    Privacy policy link

    Baidu Statistics SDK

    Traffic   statistics and analysis



    2) Disclosure: When administrative and judicial authorities require this website to disclose your personal information in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the above-mentioned authorities or for the purpose of public safety. This website is not responsible for any disclosure in this case.


    In addition, this website provides you with services such as a comment area/message area. Any information you post in the comment area/message area will become public information. Therefore, we remind and ask you to carefully consider whether it is necessary to disclose your personal information in the above areas.


    4. How we protect your information

    We have taken security measures to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, alteration, destruction or loss.

    We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that we do not collect non-essential personal information. We will only retain your personal information for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes under this Statement, unless you have given your consent or permitted by relevant laws.


    5. How we store your information

    1) Storage location

    Personal information collected and generated during our operations in the People's Republic of China will be stored in China. Only under the following circumstances, we will provide your personal information to overseas entities under the conditions required by law to provide personal information to overseas entities and after fulfilling the obligations stipulated by law:

    ① Obtain your separate consent and meet other conditions stipulated in personal information protection;

    ② Relevant laws are clearly stipulated.


    2) Storage period

    We will take reasonable and practicable measures to try to avoid the collection and processing of irrelevant personal information. We will only retain your personal information for the period of time necessary to achieve the purpose stated in this policy. Unless there is a mandatory retention requirement by laws and administrative regulations or your other authorization and consent.


    6. Your rights

    You have the following rights with respect to your personal information:

    ① Inquiries and requests for viewing at any time

    ② Request supplements or corrections at any time

    ③ Request to delete at any time

    ④ Request to stop computer processing and use

    ⑤ Other rights stipulated by relevant laws


    7. How we handle the information of minors

    This website is not intended for minors, and all content and all services provided on this website are intended for persons 18 years of age or older. All persons requesting personalized services from us must be 18 years of age or older. Persons under the age of 18 are required to provide prior parental consent when requesting any personalized service so that we can explain to them how we collect, use or disclose their children's personal data, and parents can also refuse our use of their children's personal data. Children's personal data, and prevent their children from participating in some special pages that require personal data. If we become aware of any person under the age of 18 providing us with their personal data, we will only use this information to contact that person directly, informing them of our policy of obtaining their parental consent before collecting their personal data.

    We will not use, distribute or disclose the personal data of any minor to a third party without the consent of the minor's parents. Parents may withdraw their consent to our use or retention of their children's personal data at any time, and we will delete the relevant personal data from our database as soon as possible.


    8. How to update this policy

    1) In order to provide you with a better website browsing experience, this Privacy Policy will be updated at any time. However, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent. We will issue an updated version on this website and remind you of relevant content updates through website announcements or other appropriate means before it takes effect. Please also visit this website to keep abreast of the latest privacy policy.


    2) For major changes, we will also provide more prominent notices (we will explain the specific changes to the privacy policy by means of, but not limited to, emails or special reminders on the browsing page).

    Material changes referred to in this Privacy Policy include, but are not limited to:

    ① Significant changes in the way we process information. Such as the purpose of processing personal information, the type of personal information processed, the way of using personal information, etc.;

    ② Significant changes have taken place in our ownership structure and organizational structure. Such as changes in owners caused by business adjustments, bankruptcy mergers and acquisitions, etc.;

    ③ The main objects of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure have changed;

    ④ Significant changes in your rights to participate in the processing of personal information and the way they are exercised;

    ⑤ When there are changes to the responsible department, contact information and complaint channels that we are responsible for handling personal information security;

    ⑥ When the personal information security impact assessment report indicates that there is a high risk.


    3) We will also archive older versions of this Privacy Policy for your review.


    4) In order for you to receive timely notifications, it is recommended that you notify us in time when your contact information is updated. If you continue to browse this website after the update of this policy takes effect, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the updated policy and are willing to be bound by the updated policy. We encourage you to review this policy each time you browse this website. You can view this policy on this website through the bottom navigation bar “Privacy Policy".


    9. How do you contact us

    1) If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy or your personal information, or complaints, reports, or suggestions, please contact us in the following ways:

    E-mail of the person in charge of personal information protection: info.marketing@ganlee.com

    Contact number: 010-56965000

    Contact address: No.8, Nanfeng West 1st Street, Huoxian, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China


    2) For your comments on the privacy policy of this website, we will respond to your request within 30 working days. If you are dissatisfied with our response, especially if our personal information processing behavior has damaged your legitimate rights and interests, you can also file a complaint or report to the regulatory authorities such as the Internet, telecommunications, public security, and industry and commerce.


    10. Governing law and dispute resolution

    The applicable law of this Privacy Policy is the laws of the People's Republic of China. Disputes related to this Privacy Policy will be resolved through litigation by the people's court with jurisdiction in the place where the company is registered.

Note: The updated version of this Privacy Policy is dated March 31, 2022.

Before using the various products or services of this website, please read and thoroughly understand this Privacy Policy, and start using it after confirming your full understanding and agreement. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the content of this policy, you can contact us through the contact information provided by Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals on this website.

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